Surprising things men found attractive 50 years ago

Surprising things men found attractive 50 years ago

Fifty years doesn’t look like a very long time in the vast system of things, but it’s sufficient time for things to have drastically changed. Looking at the differences between the late 1960s and today is a lot more obvious than one admits too, including the surprising technological improvements which were made since that time. Beauty standards have been also shockingly contrasting, reflecting the turbulence of the era. Here are several of the most shocking things that men found eye-catching 50 years ago.

Lighter skin

Racism was rampant from the 1960s, although the Civil Rights Movement aided to generate significant change through the end of the decade. Anti-miscegenation laws, which had eliminated people in a number of claims from marrying those of another race, have been smacked down in 1967. Despite the reforms made in the 1960s, racial prejudice was still widespread. By the 1960s, the Miss America Pageant still didn’t allow African-American participants. In 1968, a Miss Black America Pageant was held on the very same day as being the Miss America Pageant in response for the organization’s discrimination. It would be another two years before an African-American woman, Cheryl Browne, earned a state name inside the Miss America Pageant competition.

Even within the African-American community, a desire for lighter skin was obvious, although this slowly began to change within the 1960s with individuals adopting their skin color. Things certainly are a little better today, however, there is still discrimination against those with darker skin. A 2016 Time report said even nowadays “dark skin is demonized and light skin wins the prize” since of the “deeply entrenched racism” of the U.S..

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