Teenagers Notice Girl With ‘Dad’ Acting Strange, They Follow Her Because They Knew Something’s Wrong

Teenagers Notice Girl With ‘Dad’ Acting Strange, They Follow Her Because They Knew Something’s Wrong

A Normal Day

It had been merely another night in the impromptu skate park your car. Four young adults practiced their tricks in an underground parking garage, having a lot of fun. It was getting late, though, as well as the four Canadian guys would soon have to be moving home.

However, as they surfaced from the underground parking lot, they were ceased by a suspicious sight outside.

Not So Normal Anymore

A clearly upset young girl as well as two much older guys had been creating their way over the grass to the car parking garage area. One of the men was becoming quite forceful using the disorderly teenager. In the beginning, he was strolling behind her, however he seemed to recognize that they had company.

That alone wasn’t quite enough to arouse suspicion until they observed something else regarding the girl.

The Yelling

In accordance with one of many skateboarders, “She was screaming and yelling,” Carsyn Wright mentioned: “She just wanted to be out of there.” That, in itself, was enough to arouse suspicion in the boys’ hearts. The four teens converted their focus on the men and confronted them for an explanation.

What was going on here?

The Perfect Explanation

The bigger of the two men explained to the concerned boys that he was her father. Assuming maybe he’d found her drinking at too early an age or something similar, the boys backed off. The girl didn’t request for assistance nor did she contradict the man’s words, so they let it go.

Something didn’t feel right though.


It was getting late in Calgary, and also the young boys would have to head home. Packing up their skateboards and reservations, they started out going back again. It absolutely was simpler to believe the man. After all, the girl hadn’t disagreed with him.

Nevertheless they just couldn’t shake the feeling that anything was off.

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