The deadliest cars ever made

Honda Fit

Ranked as 2013’s third most-affordable cars by U.S. News, the Honda Fit actually has had Poor crash-test results for the small overlap front and safety cage. Receiving a Good rating for overall side impact, there does prove to be some damage to the pelvis and leg areas due to leg room. Expanding the 2015 model from a four- to five-passenger vehicle, the Honda Fit is a bit more compact for room in the backseat. However, with this in mind, there is not much storage room in the trunk space.

Tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirm what common sense suggests: no matter how well-engineered a tiny car may be, it’s vulnerable in accidents with larger cars. The Honda Fit, for example, rates well in plenty of crash tests, but in frontal collisions with midsize or larger cars, passengers have a dramatically increased risk of leg injuries.

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