The deadliest cars ever made

Driving is dangerous, but some cars can increase this danger, whether because of unsafe design or poor manufacturing. Life is full of dangerous things: sharp objects, diseases, Terminator, gravity, badgers. Make your choice.

It does not bother them to hurt you. Automakers, on the other hand, generally want you to be as safe as possible. After all, regular customers are good business. But all the same, sometimes it does not work that way.

It can be an engineering problem or a vehicle put on the market too early. Sometimes it’s a good idea presented to consumers before the time, and sometimes it’s just a bad idea. In other cases, the defect was simply due to sloppy construction and substandard materials.

Whatever the reasons, many vehicles could have advertised for the coffin industry.On this list, we will examine 15 dangerous vehicles that we can only advise against driving. Driving in either of these vehicles is no guarantee that things will go wrong, but all 15 have histories or tendencies that suggest they’re more dangerous than the average car.

Pontiac Fiero

This car remained on the market for just four years in the 1980s. This two-seat vehicle has met the needs of many car buyers looking for a smaller and more efficient vehicle. In all honesty, he passed the crash tests with flying colors.

You have to wonder how hard Pontiac reconsidered this car’s name when it developed a reputation for randomly bursting into flames. What it did do though was burst into flames thanks to its coolant features. Though it gave users the direction to fill it with 3 quarts of oil, it actually needed more. This caused chronic under-filling and that led to oil leakage. And that is where the fires started!

The problem lay with faulty connecting rods, which had a tendency to snap, go through the engine block, and spray oil all over the exhaust. Pontiac recalled every Fiero ever made in 1990, but not before being saddled with one of the most ironic names in automotive history.

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