The Worst Cars Of The 1980’s

The Worst Cars Of The 1980’s

There have been some pretty terrible cars throughout the history of the automobile. However, most of the biggest design mistakes ever made were during the eighties. Actually, much of the 1970s was also quite sketchy. If the design, engineering and manufacturing of automobiles had begun during the 1980s, nobody would mind.

The 1980s is a dark age for car design and we have traveled back to that sad time to gather the worst of the worst. So we’ve compiled a list of the worst cars of the eighties for your horror and pleasure:

Corvette “305” California

Corvette have made some of the hottest sports cars in the history of sports cars. It’s one of the most popular cars too, selling millions of units. But this asthmatic car had less horsepower than a lawnmower and was just about as attractive.

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