These Athletes Were Once Rich But Have Lost It All

These Athletes Were Once Rich But Have Lost It All

1. Dennis Rodman

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is very well-known for his time with the Chicago Bulls, even though he also played several short stints with other teams. However, these days, most know him for his peculiar clothing, flashy attitude, constant trips abroad, and, of course, being one of the most famous NBA stars that got broke!

Back in 2014, Rodman filed paperwork with the Los Angeles County Court, saying that he couldn’t make his back child support or spousal support payments because of being sick and broke. Ever since then, Rodman owed a staggering $800,000 in back child support and also $50,000 in back spousal support. Looking at it, he once made as much as $9 million in just one season, the NBA star should have hired a much better financial expert!

2. Aaron Hernandez

Back in 2010, late FL star Aaron Hernandez signed a seven-year $40 million contract with the Patriots which also included a $12.5 million signing bonus. Had he lived, Hernandez would have earned $1.3 million in 2014, $2.3 million in 2015, $5 million in 2016, and a whopping $6 million in 2017. Unluckily, his NFL career ended before it even started…

As everyone probably know, because of the news coverage, authorities arrested Hernandez in 2013 because of murder charge. The Pats released him the same day, and he spent most of his money on legal fees. Horribly, Hernandez was then found dead in his prison cell in 2017. At the time of his death, his net worth was about $50,000, and his estate value was $0.

3. Tiki Barber

You may not know this but in Detriot Lions history, Tiki Barber is one of their best running backs, and also one of the best players the team has ever seen. Up to this day, even years after his retirement, Lions fans still love Barber! So its really no surprise that he managed to earn a quite a bit of money throughout his career.

After retiring, Barber quickly landed himself a job at NBC as a sports analyst. Because of that, he surely made a stable living! However, during that period, Barber decided to leave his wife to marry an intern instead. Not much a surprise, his actions cost him his job at NBC because a morality clause was part of his contract. Not too long after he loss his job and separation, Barber end up filing for bankruptcy. Luckily, Barker was able to find a new job being a radio host for CBS Sports Radio.

4. Andre Rison

Andre “Bad Moon” Rison i s quite a popular athelete, being one of the most successful NFL players of recent years. Rison’s talents and skills got him to sign a whooping $17 million contract with the Cleveland Browns in 1995. For then, while on the team, Rison made even more money over various lucrative endorsements that made him earn millions.

Yet, like most other athletes who went broke, things end up quite tough for Rison after he made a decision to retire. As you may know, during his first few years out of the NFL, Rison went on0 spending huge amount of money. It all stopped in 2007, when Rison was told to file for bankruptcy because he failed to pay for child support.

5. Travis Henry

Travis Davis enjoyed a very rewarding professional NFL career for about seven seasons, starting from 1995. He began his career playing college football for the University of Tennessee and was thendrafted by the Bill. Davis also played for the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos. Yet, after football, the running back had a critical financial decline.

Naturally, a lot of it was because Davis had nine children with nine different women. As a matter of fact, some of his children were born within a year after another. It all came tumbling down back in 2009, when police charged Davis when he was not able to pay $16,600 for child support. Based from statements of his lawyer, Henry is obligated to pay about $170,000 every year in child support payments now!

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