These Are The Top 20 Dangerous Beaches In The World

These Are The Top 20 Dangerous Beaches In The World

If you are going to ask everyone what they’re favorite getaway plan is, it will probably be going to the beach. There is nothing that says fun like sun, sand, amazing group of friends and catch-n-fetch, right? Even so, having to choose the perfect beach, close to your home or maybe overseas is such an important thing, since you won’t want your day to go from the-best-day-ever-(so-far) to what-exactly-the-hell-just-happened.

It is true that each beach is unique and every one of them has its own rules and alluring places. Another thing, each single beach in the world has its dangerous quirk. From having hidden caves, extreme currents, sharks and jellyfish are just a few of these threats lurking around at the world’s most popular beaches. Therefore, choosing a good beach near your home and a safe one overseas, is the most likely one you should consider. Have a look around the world to discover the most dangerous beaches and take them off your list, or if you’re a daredevil – the world is yours for the taking.

1. Reunion Island – France

Located on the east side of Madagascar is the tropical island known as Reunion Island. It is widely known for being extra worth it for surfers. Even so, the island is also home for sharks, making shark attacks toward humans a regular thing. So far, there has been apparently an increased number of shark attacks totalling to eight deaths.

Since 2011, twenty shark attacks occured. One of the well-known attacks was on a 13-year-old boy who end up dying because of injuries. The most recent shark attack was in February 2017, that also resulted in taking the life of an avid surfer.

2. Fraser Island – Australia

This ecotourism haven is situated just off the coast of Queensland and it’s very rich in water, wilderness, and real threats! Fraser Island is popular for its typical dingo attacks, spinal injuries, and also deadly jellyfish.

Ample sharks, rough and strong waves paired with scary venomous jellyfish make swimming in this island very hazardous. Another thing to note on this list of threats, is that numerous dingo who may end up attacking you even when unprovoked. Have fun in Danger Island.

3. Gansbaai – South Africa

Cape Town’s beach that is found closest to the well known Shark Alley is Gansbaai. Alley got its reputation because of several Great White Sharks that circle around the Islands 24/7 and swim through the narrow channel between them.

What draws the Great White Sharks to this area is because of the 60,000 colonies of Cape Fur Seals on Geyser Rock. Because of the abundant number of the sharks found in this area, it is perfect for cage-diving and to all thrill-seeking tourists.

4. Praia da Boa Viagem – Recife, Brazil

Recife is popular for its beaches and regular shark attacks. Ever since 1992, about 56 people died all because of sharks. This beach is very much well-known as that one place having the highest fatality rate in the world, which is not less than 37 percent.

The number of sharks is just so damn high, and because of the migration route that’s about half mile off the coast, all lifeguards just opt to train in a pool, and avoid this sea until they really need to be there.

5. Darwin – Australia

Beaches in Darwin aren’t all suitable for swimming, or even for just taking a visit, specifically at certain times of the year. You should be careful of the venomous box jellyfish, and also crocodiles all year long. And yes, there are sharks too.

Because of a very massive gathering of crocodiles, beaches have been protected by traps and rangers. On the whole, it’s best to just stay around patrolled beaches and listen to advices from lifeguards.

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