Triplets Take a DNA Test, Only to Be Surprised by Truth

Triplets Take a DNA Test, Only to Be Surprised by Truth

We’re going to start this quest through the beginning for that Dahm triplets from small municipalities to Hollywood popularity to a single incredibly odd time in March 2017 which forever altered their lifestyles. Come along with us and get ready to be dazzled!

The Dahm Triplets

Born on December 12th, 1977, Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn – and yes, given birth to in that order – are more typically referred to as the Dahm triplets. So far as triplets go, these three look exactly alike with their blonde locks and azure eyes.

Tell Me Apart

To ensure that their parents can simply distinguish them apart when they were children, they tattooed very little black dots onto their buttocks! Nicole has one dot, Erica has two, and Jaclyn has not any. Quite the technique, would you not say?

Small Town

Jordan, Minnesota is a very small town but that’s the location where the Triplets had been raised. With this small town, they went to Jordan’s public schools too. Naturally every person knew who these folks were, it wasn’t tough, thinking about the populace of Jordan is about 5,000. It’s not common for triplets, identical triplets mind you, to be undetected in this small town.

You Three

Nicole once mentioned in an interview with Playboy magazine, “We rarely hold our own identity. We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.’” Wearing matching outfits as well as having the very same set of close friends, the triplets do everything together. Rather than having intensive arguments, they stayed really, really close.


Needless to say you will find a few disadvantages for being triplets, if you don’t believe it. Jaclyn said that especially, “Privacy is not easy to find. Growing up, we shared everything, even a bedroom. And people always ask, “Which one are you? ”

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