Triplets Take a DNA Test, Only to Be Surprised by Truth

Triplets Take a DNA Test, Only to Be Surprised by Truth

Teen Models

At the age of 16, the Triplets made an appearance on the front cover of ‘Teen Magazine’ as soon as they gained the Great Model Search. Like we stated, blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t go unnoticed… specially when its times three.


With some modeling behind them, the Dahm triplets actually enrolled for the nursing program at the University of Minnesota. They hoped to work on the exact same healthcare facility some day! Nevertheless it was with this school grounds that this Triplets saw an advertisement for Playboy. They were hoping to find types to include in their: “Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition.”

Daddy Says

Furthermore, if you can believe that, it was actually their daddy who proposed each will choose the photoshoot! No chance he might have acknowledged just how much that will aid his daughter’s futures.

Test Shoot

Not once do the Triplets believe their life would modify so substantially. Inside a test shoot, the three determined together that they would actually strip down for Playboy and became the 2nd set of triplets to characteristic in the United States edition of Playboy.

Never Ever

Now it had been quite the risque determination to the Dahm triplets to just de-robe for Playboy, additionally it had been a conclusion not used lightly. In the end, the three weren’t contemplating a modeling career! Jaclyn even continued to share with Playboy during a 1998 talk to that they “would never have done this (modeled for Playboy) as individuals.”

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