The Unreliable Cars You'll Most Regret Buying in 2020

The Unreliable Cars You’ll Most Regret Buying in 2020

You might end up feeling bad if you get one of these 2020 models that scored poorly for consistent performance.

When the time has finally come to get a new car, you simply want the best, one that will stand the test of time and makes you beam with pride of your purchase — not a four-wheeled failure you’ll be overstrung to get off your hands as soon as you can.

But with having most car companies spending billions on advertisements every year, it can be tough to find out which car would turn out to be the best investment.

To help you guide which vehicle you should steel clear off, we will give you a rundown on the 2020 models that the Consumer Reports’ have given the lowest score for reliability.

Consumer Reports rates car for their reliability out of a possible 100, based on a survey of 400,000 drivers. We start with the model that got the lowest score, and we’ve also included each car’s lowest base price and overall miles per gallon, according to CR.

1. Chevrolet Colorado

Reliability score: 4

Surely, the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado might be the most fuel-efficient pickup truck that’s available in the market right now, but that doesn’t mean anything from letting you know the hard truth: In so many ways it’s an absolute failure.

The Colorado’s reliability and consumer satisfaction ratings have persistently fallen in the last five years, and the somewhat good fuel economy is hardly a positive one.

It can tow for about 4 tons and has lots of up-to-date tech, however the midsize truck still a let down in terms of some pretty essential ways.

Consumer Reports added that it’s noisy, rides rugged, and how the placement of the seats and steering wheel are “deal breakers” that make the Colorado badly troublesome to drive.

• $21,300 starting price
• 18 mpg

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