Why You Should Wrap A Rubber Band Around Your Door

Why You Should Wrap A Rubber Band Around Your Door

We surely don’t like to admit it that life can be tough even in the best of times. One of the secrets of having our daily challenges a lot more bearable is by looking for simpler ways to tackle them. At this point in your life, you most likely have heard of things such as life hacks. A life hack is a small trick that can be instantly carried out in your daily life to solve such problems. With new life hacks popping out in the internet daily, it can be quite hard to follow these absolute life-changers. Luckily, we got some of them here to help you!

Continue reading to learn about these one-of-a-kind life hacks that will surely change the way you have been living your life!

Never Spill Again While Boiling Water

In case you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you will surely end up being familiar with cooking on the stovetop. Stovetop cooking can be a good way to prepare a quick meal. Sadly, if you end up getting distracted while boiling your water you might end up with a mess on your hands!

To limit your experience with messy spills from boiling water, make it a habit of keeping a wooden spoon handy! If you ever step away from your boiling water, just place the spoon across the top of your pot. The spoon will stop the water from overflowing while you work on preparing the rest of your meal!

UV Light Sanitizer

We’ve saw these Handheld Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers being sold all over Facebook and made a decision to do our own research to find out if they really worked and which brand might be the best. When we tried them out, we found out that they really did work and are generally used in hospitals all over the country. Our research also showed that the way they work is by attacking the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and gets rid of them by making them not able to reproduce.

We also researched all of the brands and found out that Mobile Klean to be the most efficient, made with the best quality and the most fairly priced portable UV sanitizer around.

With countries reopening and the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb we hurriedly bought a few of these UV light sanitizers so that we could always keep our phones, computers and other devices protected. We are always blasting all we use with the disinfecting light such as our car, restaurants, public restrooms and even our office.

Transport Hanging Clothes With Ease

Moving is surely one of the most thrilling and annoying aspects of one’s life. While some might find it enjoyable to get settled into a brand new home, physically having to move all of your belongings there can end up being such a headache. And so, one of the biggest headaches that we’ve faced during these moves is handling our hanging clothing.

To hastily transfer your clothing from one closet to the other, you can make use of garbage bags. No, we don’t mean to say that your fashion sense is bad. Rather, we are saying that you use a garbage bag to wrap all of your clothing while they are still on the hangar.

Who would have thought that moving clothing could be this so easy?

Fix Your Your Slow, Annoying Wifi Issues

Any one who remembers the good old days of the internet very much remembers those sweet slow dial-up speeds and fights among family members over who get to use the computer first, LOL. Yet, these kind of issues doesn’t have to be a big problem if you install something like a wifi booster in your home. For instance, SuperBoost can provide many uses that makes it a good choice for many households.

This one is a hand-sized device that you can plug into a wall outlet in your home and can automatically hook up to your wireless internet. Having dual-antennas and a built-in speed of about 300 Mbps, the SuperBoost helps in increasing a home’s wireless speed and can even make your connection a lot more consistent – when used perfectly, it can handle the internet needs of five or more full-speed streams in one household.

As such, SuperBoost can be considered as an excellent choice for any home that have a big number of internet users. While those who live at home or who rarely does streaming may not need such product with this features, anyone who binges Netflix or Hulu everyday may find that this device may improve their life in ways that they are not expecting.

Clean Your Headlights With Crest

It is common knowledge that it is very dangerous to drive at night. From poor visibility to physical fatigue, it can be a hazardous experience to hit the road when it gets dark. In case you haven’t replaced your headlight covers for quite some time, that they have started to turn yellow and discolor. Discolored headlights can end up lowering your visibility, thus exposing you more to potential danger.

In case you want to have your headlights back to their brightest, consider making use of Crest toothpaste by applying a thin layer to your plastic headlight covers. Polish the toothpaste before wiping them off with a rag to see the sparkling surface underneath it.

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