World's First Surviving Octuplets Are All Grown Up. Look At Them 9 Years Later

World’s First Surviving Octuplets Are All Grown Up. Look At Them 9 Years Later

Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, took the world by storm in January 2009 when she had an exceptionally large number of children on her own – eight to be exact – in one pregnancy. In fact, a record-breaking pregnancy in multiple ways, moreover, the procedure Nadya and her doctor used to get her pregnant raised many eyebrows. Many criticized her for her life decisions while others adored her.

One thing is for sure – America simply couldn’t ignore Nadya Suleman and her growing family. But even at her rock bottom, Nadya Suleman never gave up. Continue to read to find out what she and her and her family are up to today.

1. Her First Love

When Nadya Suleman was in her early twenties, she met a produce manager named Marcos Gutierrez. He must have been a particularly charming produce manager, because she felt an instant connection with Gutierrez, one that was deep and meaningful. The two fell very deeply in love.

From the beginning, of course, Nadya made it clear that having children was very important to her. And it didn’t seem like an issue at first, because Gutierrez too was interested in becoming a father to her children. Little did Nadya know, there wasn’t even the slightest chance that she and Marcos Gutierrez would have children together.

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